Which is why we don't use any pesticides or herbicides on our farms. All of our plants are grown in natural ingredients produced by the Earth.

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Supporting local farmers is part the Lancashire vision because we saw the way farmers were getting taken advantage of by corporate industry. We would like to create a world where people treat each other fairly and everyone wins. The heart behind it all is equality and love. 

Lancashire's way of changing the world first starts with how we treat everyone we come in contact with in our home of Lancaster, the community around we are rooted in. As our founder, Caleb, began farming, he closely realized the decline of the local farmer in America. Daily he saw how small farmers were taken advantage of by larger corporate entities. As someone who has experienced trauma, Caleb empathizes deeply with those who are being taken advantage of, especially when it is good hearted trusting Amish farmers. Which is why the Lancashire vision is to be the voice of the voiceless. We stand strongly with supporting farmers and being fair. No one should be taken advantage of in any area of life. 

Join the revolution, the alliance.

The Alliance Farmers:

The Levi Stoltzfus Family

Jacob S. Stoltzfus and Family

The Blank Family

The Lapp Family

Melvin L. Zook

Elmer M. Lapp

Daniel B. King

Melvin S. Stoltzfus

Rueben Stoltzfus

Benuel K. Lapp

The Smucker Family

Christian Stoltzfus

Jacob F. Stoltzfus

David L Lapp

Ben Esh

The Ranck Family

Micro Farming

The farming practices we use are based on traditional Lancaster County farming. Most corporate farming that occurs in the industry today is mono-farming, which means the farm only grows one crop. That is bad for the quality of the product as well as the environment. It is not natural.

Our hands-on micro farming approach produces a high quality flower. 

Explore Products
Explore Products

Growing hemp is my sacred work...

"Cannabis has changed my life. I first started using CBD and THC a couple of years ago and I immediately noticed how improved my mental life became. At the same time I started going to counseling to work through my trauma. Together with cannabis and counseling I began the beautiful journey of healing."

 -Caleb (Founder)

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